Building Tours

The highly anticipated mass timber building and facility tours promise outstanding buildings, mass timber manufacturing, and plenty of networking with global professionals on this consistently sold out event





  • Monday, March 27, 2023, from 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Lunch, safety equipment, and coach transportation provided (to and from the Oregon Convention Center)
  • Voodoo doughnuts (or equivalent) and coffee/tea served before departure, courtesy of Henkel
  • To purchase, first register for an attendee pass and then select your preferred tour pass on page 3 of the registration form.


  • Tours #1 and #2 happen simultaneously, so you must choose one or the other.
  • All tour attendees must ride on the provided buses—no riding to and from tour stops in separate vehicles is allowed.
  • We may tour one or more active construction site(s), so attendees must wear long pants and sturdy, close-toed shoes such as hiking or work boots. Anyone wearing short pants, skirts, dresses, raised heels, tennis shoes, open toed shoes or other attire not appropriate for an active construction site may be excluded from certain stops.

In Person Tours

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Tour #1: Portland Buildings & Fabrication

  In-Person Tour

Monday | March 27, 2023

Explore Portland’s latest and greatest mass timber buildings and fabrication facilities with hundreds of others in this exciting pre-conference outing. Learn from and connect with project architects, designers, engineers, developers, and builders.

Check-in Time | 5:30 AM – 6:55 AM
Check-in Location | Outside Exhibit Hall E, Oregon Convention Center
Depart | 7:00 AM

Enjoy a complimentary lunch at the PAE Living Building, courtesy of PAE

Site A) Portland’s First Living Building

Location: Portland, Oregon
Scale: 58,000 SF mixed-use building
Completion: 2022

Photo © Benjamin Benschneider

The PAE Living Building is designed to meet the world’s most rigorous sustainability standards. The five-story, 58,000 SF mixed-use building, located in Portland’s historic Old Town / Skidmore district, is the first developer-driven and largest commercial urban Living Building in the world. The building utilizes Pacific Northwest cross-laminated timber and glulam beams.

Created in 2006, the Living Building Challenge (LBC) is the most stringent green building certification process that exists today. Project teams must meet seven key performance areas – known as Petals – that address every aspect of design, construction, and operations to achieve a resilient and self-sufficient building.

The PAE Living Building is designed to last 500 years. The approach marries the scale and feel of a historic neighborhood with the highest possible energy performance and sustainability standards necessary for the future. The building uses less energy, water, and material than comparable buildings while delivering superior levels of occupant comfort and productivity. Critically, the PAE Living Building demonstrates how the built environment can achieve the deep and immediate carbon emission reductions required to mitigate the most severe impacts of climate change. It shows the world what a regenerative future can look like while providing the roadmap for how to get there.

Project Team

Developer | Edlen & Co.
Architect | ZGF Architects
Contractor | Walsh Construction Co.
MEP Engineers and Technology Design | PAE
Lighting Design | Luma
Structural and Civil Engineer | KPFF
Real Estate Partner | Apex Real Estate Partners
Landowner | Downtown Development Group
Red List Materials Research | Brightworks Sustainability
Water Treatment (Rainwater and Composting) | Biohabitats
Mass Timber Manufacturer | Structurlam

Site B) Timberlab Fabrication Facility

Location: Portland, Oregon
Completion: 2021

Photo © Timberlab

Join Timberlab for an exciting in-depth tour of their Portland fabrication facility. Officially opened in 2021, Timberlab endeavors to do something never before done on each project.

On this tour, visitors will witness Timberlab’s fabrication capabilities by seeing a demonstration of their state-of-the-art, large-format beam saws. Guests will also learn more about the BIM for fabrication required by the Virtual Design and Construction team in setting up projects for fabrication. In coordination with the Portland International Airport Terminal Core Redevelopment project tour (above), visitors will also see pieces in the fabrication process for that project before they head out to the job site.

Timberlab is excited to showcase our facility as an essential part of the developing mass timber market. Comprised of in-house experts, Timberlab makes projects pencil through coordination and mastery of the mass timber supply chain. The team is excited to see mass timber grow in new markets, and is committed to advancing mass timber’s adoption in the United States commercial construction market for the benefit of the people and the planet.

Site C) To Be Determined

Location: Portland, Oregon


Tour #2: Western Oregon Buildings & Manufacturing

  In-Person Tour

Monday | March 27, 2023

Travel south from Portland to explore some of western Oregon’s newest mass timber buildings and the manufacturing facilities that help fuel Oregon’s mass timber boom.

Check-in Time | 5:30 AM – 6:55 AM
Check-in Location | Outside Exhibit Hall E, Oregon Convention Center
Depart | 7:00 AM

A) Eugene Farmer’s Market Pavilion

Location: Eugene, Oregon
Scale: 8,500 SF Pavilion
Completion: 2022

Photo © Eric Brown | FFA Architecture & Interiors

The Farmers Market Pavilion and Plaza, located in downtown Eugene’s Park Blocks, is the multi-function community space and permanent home for the Lane County Farmers Market. In visioning sessions with market representatives and city leaders, the design team was tasked with representing the agricultural character of the market’s vendors and products in a manner refined for an urban setting. The team researched various characteristics of farms and farming, settling on the simplicity and transparency of greenhouses. The resulting project is a simple form that is open and transparent allowing the activity inside to be the primary focus.

The Pavilion is constructed from a mass timber system of glulam columns and beams with cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels. The CLT panels represent an efficient use of sustainably harvested small-diameter trees. These panels were fabricated from Oregon-grown Douglas fir by DR Johnson Wood Innovations in Riddle, Oregon, and demonstrate a shift in building construction practices towards a more carbon-neutral future. The expressed structure, chosen for its ecology, economy, and human connection glows through the polycarbonate at night, adding a warmth to the rest of the Eugene Park Blocks.

At this stop visitors will be able to eat their lunch at the pavilion and experience how mass timber can work in public projects. Take note of the glulam beams spanning a clear 50 feet, and CLT shearwalls strategically placed at the support space ‘core’ of the pavilion. Architects from the project will be available to share the story and answer questions about the planning and design process that helped to make this project a success for the city and its main tenant.

Project Team

Owner | City of Eugene, Lane County Farmers Market
Architect | FFA Architecture and Interiors
Structural Engineer | KPFF
Owner’s Representative | SOJ
Contractor | Lease Crutcher Lewis
Mass Timber | DR Johnson Wood Innovations
MEP Engineers | PAE Consulting Engineers
Civil Engineering | Mazzetti
Landscape Architecture | Cameron McCarthy Landscape Architecture & Planning
Acoustics | Acoustic Design Studio
Lighting Design | HLB

Site B) Zip-O-Laminators Manufacturing Facility

Location: Eugene, Oregon

Photo © Tom Waddell | Forest Business Network

Zip-O-Laminators is a division of Zip-O-Log Mills, a custom cutting sawmill founded in 1944 by the Hallstrom family. Zip-O-Laminators began production in 2016 and is a custom glulam plant. You can expect glulam in all shapes and sizes, most typically up to 115 feet long and 111 inches deep, and curves every which way. The statement said continuously at its facility is… “operating between the improbable and the impossible.” The sky is the limit at Zip-O-Laminators — constantly striving for perfection from customer service to quality product and on-time shipments.

Zip-O-Laminators was tapped to be one of the primary manufacturers of the glulam beams used in the Portland, Oregon, airport’s new 9-acre mass timber roof. The PDX roof incorporates over 2,000 glulam beams, including 272 single-span glulams reaching a massive 80 feet in length. Zip-O-Laminators built 182 beams with arches reaching nearly 16 feet high, a size never before done with glulam of this shape as a single piece.

Site C) To Be Determined