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Adhesives and resins for structural engineered wood products must meet many standards including heat performance, customer quality, and emissions regulations. We at Hexion have been leading the field in load-bearing structural adhesives for years. We offer a wide selection of products as well as in-depth application expertise. Ultra low-emitting, lower waste options are available.

Hexion was the conference’s first ever sponsor in 2016 and has been a leading sponsor ever since. Visit their team in booth #329.


The goal of Kallesoe Machinery is to provide customers with maximum machine performance and a superior return on their investment. Based on your company, Kallesoe analyzes your production requirements and delivers efficient and optimizing solutions for your CLT and/or glulam production. With sales partners and a worldwide service, Kallesoe guarantees after-sales service of production lines to companies of all sizes worldwide. Kallesoe is a part of the HOMAG group.

Kallesoe Machinery is a Premier Sponsor for the fifth year in a row. Be sure to stop by their exhibit booth #532.


Timberlab makes projects pencil. We are experts in full-service mass timber project delivery stemming from our deep roots as a general contractor. With a holistic view of building construction, we understand how to integrate mass timber into a commercial building, carefully coordinating the timber structural system with the other building systems.

We have mastery over timber engineering practices, timber fabrication, and the mass timber supply chain.

As an affiliate of Swinerton and an evolution of Swinerton Mass Timber, Timberlab continues Swinerton’s long-running support of the International Mass Timber Conference. This is Swinerton’s fifth year as a Premier Sponsor. Visit the Timberlab team at booth #340 and Swinerton at booth #732.


For over 80 years Kalesnikoff has been inspired by forests — and the endless possibilities of wood. We leverage decades of experience in manufacturing and sustainable forestry to deliver exceptional mass timber projects. From seedlings to solutions, we make the best use of every log we touch to support our employees, our community, the environment, and our customers from around the world. Today, Kalesnikoff is proud to be North America’s most advanced, vertically integrated, multi-species mass timber supplier.

This is Kalesnikoff’s second year as a major sponsor. Meet their team at booth #320.


Western Archrib has been a leader in the design, manufacture, and custom fabrication of glued-laminated structural wood systems since 1951. Our product line includes the manufacture of Douglas Fir Glulam, Spruce Pine Glulam, and Alaskan Yellow Cedar Glulam into beams, columns, and mass timber panels. We are certified to manufacture in accordance with the national standards of Canada and the United States. Our experience shows in the consistent quality of our products and the expertise we bring to custom-fabricated projects. We work closely with architects, engineers, developers, building owners, general contractors and building designers, bringing cost-effective solutions to unique and distinctive designs. With two production facilities, and a network of distributors, we are well positioned to provide projects of any size across North America and beyond.

Western Archrib is a second year Premier Sponsor of the conference. Talk to their team at booth #606.


Mass Ply Panels (MPP) are a massive, large-scale, structural composite lumber-based panel designed as an alternative to cross laminated timber (CLT). Using veneer as a raw material for a mass timber panel achieves the same structural attributes of a CLT panel with 20% less wood. Large format panels are manufactured at the production facility to include window, door, and all other required cut-outs, which minimizes waste and labor on the job site. The relative lightness of the panels helps transportation costs and logistics when constructing buildings on-site. MPP is certified under the Cross Laminated Timber standard PRG 320.

Freres Engineered Wood is the Lounge Sponsor for the sixth year in a row. See them in the middle of the Exhibit Hall in the Lounge.

Mobile Tour, Posters, Cafe, & Report Advertising

Think Wood promotes the economic, environmental, and societal benefits of using softwood lumber in commercial, community, and non-residential building applications. Think Wood contextualizes innovative technologies and practices that involve softwood lumber. In addition, they identify and introduce innovators in the field to its community of architects, engineers, researchers, designers, and developers.

Think Wood is a multi-year sponsor of the conference and once again supports multiple areas of the event. Visit their unique mobile tour display that celebrates wood construction — booth #824.

Track 1

Backed by over thirty years of proven performance with large commercial, residential, and mass timber wood buildings and structures, Sansin is the global leader in developing high-performance architectural and factory finishes that set the benchmark for environmentally-friendly formulas. No matter the type of substrate, design, or building challenge, Sansin offers a wide range of water-borne, penetrating fire retardants, undercoat treatments, finishes, and preservatives to get the job done right—and more naturally. Sansin provides architects and other professionals with a unique program, called Sansin Iris, to help achieve coating quality and maintenance objectives.

Sansin is a Track sponsor for its sixth year in a row. Visit the Sansin team at booth #420.

Track 2 & Mass Timber Construction Demo

Seagate Mass Timber is an award-winning mass timber installer and an industry leader in the next wave of tall wood construction. They have more than 30 years of experience in construction, and completed their first mass timber project in 2013, the MEC Head Office in Vancouver, British Columbia. Since that time, they have completed numerous high-profile projects, and have established an excellent reputation in the mass timber industry of North America.

Seagate has seen firsthand how solid wood framing systems can enhance the design aesthetic and vastly improve the cost-effectiveness of construction projects of all sizes. Engineered wood products combined with comprehensive 3D modelling and digital prefabrication, has the potential to shape our cities in a new dramatic fashion.

Seagate is a track sponsor for the sixth year in a row. See their team in action at the live construction demonstration in the Mass Timber Construction Demo area on Tuesday, March 28.

Track 3

Nordic Structures is a company dedicated to providing high quality Mass Timber products for the construction industry. Our solutions are tailor-made for tomorrow’s commercial, institutional, industrial, infrastructural, multi-family residential, and recreational projects.

With our parent company, Chantiers Chibougamau, Nordic Structures has over 60 years of experience and expertise as wood processing innovators. Our company has recently achieved Cradle to Cradle certification for the Nordic Structures products from forest harvest through factory operations. Our project engineering teams provide technical support to architects and engineers for our turnkey projects and are the point of contact to construction managers. Our technical engineering team advances our R&D and is known for their efforts in the recent code changes advancing Mass Timber. They also ensure our product quality programs. Our sustainable solutions are appreciated by customers seeking the right product at the right price, backed by first-rate service.

Nordic Structures is a four-time sponsor. See their team at booth #602.

Track 4 & Research Demonstration Zone

TallWood Design Institute (TDI) is a collaborative R&D and applied education partnership that harnesses the unique breadth and depth of expertise of researchers at Oregon State University’s Colleges of Forestry and Engineering and University of Oregon’s College of Design. Our group jumped into mass timber research early, and over the last 12 years has become the most active center in the nation for research and testing related to the use of wood in our built environment. Our affiliated researchers cover diverse themes ranging from architectural design and structural engineering to fire, building physics, life cycle impacts and business/economics. We disseminate the results of our work through publications, events, courses, education, and outreach at events like the Mass Timber Conference.

TDI has been a supporter of the conference since its inception, hosting technical tours since 2017, culminating in the pre-conference Mass Timber Technical Academy event in 2022. This year we are proud to bring a new spotlight on the role of applied R&D in the sector by curating and presenting the Mass Timber Research Demonstration Zone in the Exhibit Hall.


At the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® Inc., we believe that sustainable forests are critical to our collective future. SFI® is a leader in sustainable forestry through our work in standards, conservation, community, and education.

As an independent, non-profit organization, we collaborate with our diverse network to provide solutions to local and global sustainability challenges. SFI works with the forest sector, brand owners, conservation groups, resource professionals, landowners, educators, local communities, Indigenous Peoples, governments, and universities.

Sustainable Forestry Initiative is a major sponsor for its fifth year in a row. See them at booth #724.

Tuesday Keynote

With 65 years of leadership in structural engineering, Simpson Strong-Tie offers versatile product solutions and service to mass timber and CLT. From our rigorously tested connectors, fasteners, adhesives and mechanical anchors that provide strength and design flexibility to a nationwide supply network with products that are always available — our solutions and expertise can help you build mass timber/CLT projects faster, easier and stronger than ever.

Simpson Strong-Tie is a three-time sponsor. Visit their team at booth #900.

Wednesday Keynote

As Skanska celebrates 50 years in Oregon in 2022, mass timber is central to some of our most iconic projects here in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. From the local K-12 facilities for Lake Oswego and Vancouver public schools to the fully-certified Living Building Challenge Kendeda Building in Atlanta, GA, we continue to be on the forefront of timber innovation. Skanska has also been instrumental in communicating the value of wood to the customer and to the environment with industry-leading focus on healthy and low-carbon material sourcing. Together with our customers, we are co-creating a better future and Building What Matters.

This is Skanska’s third year as a sponsor of the conference. Meet their team at booth #920.


As the nation’s largest CLT manufacturer, Sterling has the high-speed manufacturing and extensive production capacity to provide CLT floor and roof systems as an affordable option for buildings of all sizes and occupancies. We offer a repeatable and standardized approach to design, manufacturing, and delivery that streamlines the collaborative process and eliminates redundancy. Having served industrial markets for over a decade, our robust logistics division is highly experienced in the scaled delivery of CLT. With Sterling, project teams can feel confident investing in CLT solutions for their buildings.

Sterling is sponsoring the lanyards for its sixth year in a row. Visit their team at booth #823, and visit SterlingStructural.com to learn more about how Sterling is making mass timber more accessible.

Axe Throwing

Vaagen Timbers produces state-of-the-art structures from eco-friendly mass timber products. Cross laminated timber (CLT), glulam beams, and glue laminated timber panels (GLT) result from restoring the fire-prone forests of the Inland Northwest. Essentially, our mass timber is the ‘by-product’ of sustainable forest practices. We work with architects, developers, builders, and building supply companies to produce quality building solutions.

Vaagen Timbers is a sponsor of the conference for a third year and will bring its custom-built, six-lane axe throwing station for a second year. The axe throwing station is open to attendees during the receptions and showcases Vaagen Timbers’ CLT and glulam products. See their team at the axe station and at booth #120.

Mass Timber Report

Built by Nature is a network and grant-making organisation with a vision for our built environment to work in unison with nature and a mission to accelerate the timber building transformation in Europe and the U.K. Built by Nature connects key actors across the built environment and forest communities to spark city-scale projects, amplify stories of ground-breaking timber projects, change perceptions around timber construction and reshape the built environment system. Our Accelerator Fund provides grants to teams and solutions that help decarbonise the built environment and scale up building with timber from sustainably managed forests. Built by Nature is supported by founding partner Laudes Foundation, which launched in 2020 and is part of the Brenninkmeijer family enterprise.

Built by Nature is a first-year sponsor.

Mass Timber Report

For more than a century, Weyerhaeuser has been growing trees and making forest products that improve lives in fundamental ways. We manage our millions of acres of forests on a continuous and fully sustainable cycle. We are responsible stewards of our land for multiple uses, including recreation, conservation, economic development and different forms of renewable energy. And the wood products we make are used to build homes where families are sheltered and raised.

We’re proud of what we do and how we do it, and we invite you to learn more.

Weyerhaeuser is a third year sponsor of the International Mass Timber Report and the International Mass Timber Conference.

Portland Tour

Swinerton’s early commitment to mass timber began in 2016 with the design, permitting, and construction of the then largest mass timber office building in the USA, which was delivered 4 months faster and 4% cheaper than structural steel. Swinerton’s proactive approach and services in the preconstruction phase fosters highly collaborative teams based in truth, trust, and transparency. We deliver high-value solutions to mass timber projects that also reduce operating costs through high performance and Net Zero buildings.

In a short period of time, Swinerton has become known for taking on and successfully delivering some of the most challenging mass timber projects in the country. With the number of mass timber projects expected to double every two years, Swinerton has assembled a knowledge base and resources that is not only unparalleled, but sought out by design teams and owners who can tap into a deep pool of experience.

This is Swinerton’s fifth year as a major sponsor and partner of the conference. And it’s affiliate, Timberlab, continues Swinerton’s longtime commitment as a Premier Sponsor. Visit Swinerton in booth #732 and Timberlab in booth #340

Eugene Tour

Across various disciplines, Aon is committed to developing and delivering comprehensive and innovative risk and insurance capital solutions for the spectrum of mass timber industry participants and stakeholders. Our deep understanding of the mass timber industry, including its complex intersection with the insurance capital markets, is paired with our spirit and track record of innovation and leverage to arrive at risk and risk transfer solutions that are both effective and sustainable.

This is Aon’s first year as a sponsor.


Stiles offers industry-leading technology, consultation, and support services for manufacturers of mass timber and off-site construction. Whether the project is to modernize a current process or develop an entirely new production line, Stiles team of experts have access to world-class machinery, system design and integration that is unmatched in the mass timber and off-site construction manufacturing industry. Backed by the industry’s largest team of service and support specialists, an extensive inventory of ready-to-ship parts and the industry’s only nationally accredited workforce training program, Stiles is your solution for any challenge and your partner in every success.


MINDA is a global supplier of flexible, high speed presses and automation for Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), Glulam Beam, and LVL Beam applications. For more than 40 years MINDA has been meeting customer needs in the engineered wood industry providing leading technology for laminated timber processes. Whether the application requires custom press technology, material handling, data flow management, or overall plant development, MINDA provides specific solutions from concept and design to installation and commissioning. Headquartered in Minden Germany with four manufacturing sites including Minden, Tangermünde, Stadthagen and Granite Falls/USA.

Fireside Chat

Business Oregon is the state’s economic development agency. The Business Oregon Commission oversees the agency’s activities to ensure a coherent, integrated approach to economic development and a continuous policy direction that can transcend changes in executive and legislative leadership. Its mission is to invest in Oregon businesses, communities, and people to promote a globally competitive, diverse, and inclusive economy. Its vision is prosperity for all Oregonians.

Business Oregon is a longtime sponsor and supporter of the conference.

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