Tuesday, March 26, 2024

4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Mass Timber Research (LIVE)

Booths 102, 208
Exhibit Hall

See and experience cutting-edge mass timber research live on the Exhibit Hall floor.

TallWood Design Institute brings the latest research directly to attendees...

Live and interactive exhibits and research topics include:

  • A robotically-fabricated mass timber pavilion made from reclaimed manufacturing offcuts, with a robot arm demo
  • Designer mass timber furniture made from manufacturing offcuts
  • Acoustic demos and info on the Oregon Acoustic Research Laboratory planned for Portland, Oregon
  • Modular affordable mass timber housing
  • Smart Forestry: Check out the exoskeleton and try out a tethered logging harvesting simulator
  • Live CLT shear block testing
  • Fire research and info on TallWood Design Institute’s upcoming fire facility at Oregon State University
  • Resilient seismic design
  • Selected student work from recent mass timber design studios

The Research Pavilion will be open the entire conference. Researchers and students will be present during the receptions and networking breaks for live showcase of their work.