Carla Dickof

Director of Research and Development, Associate Principal
Fast + Epp

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Carla Dickof leads the Fast + Epp research initiatives as the director of R&D. Since joining Fast + Epp in 2012, Carla has worked on several high-profile projects including Walmart’s Home Office, and The Hive, the 10-storey mass timber office building with a timber lateral system, and Fast + Epp’s own home office. She has participated as an author and/or editor on numerous industry guides including the NLT Design and Construction Guide, the Mass Timber Floor Vibration Guide, and the Modeling Guide for Timber Structures.

She has also led multiple research and testing projects for timber systems, including balloon-framed shearwalls, timber-timber composite floor systems, and now research into point supported CLT floor systems. Her research has been used to support Fast + Epp project work, while actively collaborating with numerous academic institutions, bolstering the relationship between industry and academia, and growing the knowledge base for mass timber engineering.

She is a member of Canadian Standards association technical committees and sub-committees, including CSA-086 “engineering design in wood” subcommittees.