Dean Lewis

Director of Mass Timber & Prefabrication

Dean Lewis is the director of mass timber and prefabrication for Skanska USA. Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Dean Lewis has spent over 12 years practicing as a structural engineer in both the Pacific Northwest and California. In his tenure, Dean has specialized in many different types of prefabrication and modular construction from flat pack to volumetric in timber, cold form, and steel. Dean has helped introduce various types of mass timber projects including some of the first CLT installations in the bay area, the first multi-story glulam post and beam with CLT floor project in California, and the first multi-story MPP project in the country.

Recently Dean has also worked on one of the first 8-story Type IVC’s in the country and spent the last two years working on developing a prefabricated systems approach to mass timber buildings with a passive house certified exterior mass timber curtain wall system.

Dean now helps coordinate mass timber efforts across the country for the construction teams as well as assist the commercial development efforts in Skanska’s USA offices. Dean also is helping share resources internationally with Skanska’s offices in Scandinavia and Europe.