Erich Roden

Deputy Chief (ret.) / Principal
Milwaukee Fire Department (ret.) / Timbrs

A 31-year veteran of the fire service, Erich recently retired as a deputy chief with the City of Milwaukee Fire Department. As a deputy chief, he served as the Milwaukee Fire Department’s designated subject-matter expert on building and fire protection systems for new and existing building projects in the City. In this capacity, he served as a project team member (City) for Ascent, currently the world’s tallest Mass Timber building, from development through final construction.

Erich also serves as an Advisory Board (Emeritus) member of Underwriters Laboratories Fire Safety Research Institute and currently consults on fire service operations and safety in mass timber developments, approvals and variance processes. Erich is an advocate of mass timber’s inherent fire behavioral characteristics and in creating wooden skylines in the built environment. He seeks to do this through educating our municipal and fire service stakeholders and decision-makers.