Lucas Epp

Vice President & Head of Engineering

Lucas Epp is a structural engineer with more than 18 years of experience working in North America and abroad. He has led the structural design for a range of projects including cable nets for the 2012 London Olympic Opening Ceremonies and a 61-storey tower in Kuwait.

Lucas’ expertise with challenging structures has led him to be involved in projects where the intimate interaction of architecture and structure is critical to the success of the project. He is passionate about timber engineering and has built a team at StructureCraft of more than 40 engineers and designers hailing from around the world.

As vice president and head of engineering, Lucas currently leads the engineering, 3D design and drafting departments at StructureCraft. He speaks and writes widely across North America on mass timber design and construction, and has lectured at the Architectural Association in London, ETH Zurich, and the University of British Columbia. He is extensively involved in timber code development and was a member of the Structural Working Group for the ICC Tall Wood Code Committee.

He is an author of the Nail Laminated Timber Design Guide, and is an author of the recently published U.S. Mass Timber Floor Vibration Design Guide.