Social Media Toolkit

Consider this your social media toolkit

Thank you for joining us at the world’s largest annual event dedicated to the entire supply chain for mass timber. This toolkit is designed to help you share your participation and mass timber story on your social channels leading up to and during the conference.

Relevant hashtags

Official: #MassTimberConference

#masstimber #crosslaminatedtimber #cltconstruction #architecture #build #greenbuilding #timbertowers #buildwithCLT #timberconstruction #engineeredtimber #woodconstruction #buildwithwood

Social channels


Promotional videos

Feel free to post and share.

Suggested social posts

  • With #masstimber we can build better buildings and a better planet. I’m exploring the entire supply chain and connecting with key players at the International #MassTimberConference, March 26–28, 2024. Are you on the list?
  • I’m proud to be part of the #masstimber movement. I’ll be at the 2024 International #MassTimberConference connecting and learning so I can build a better business, build better buildings, and build a better planet℠.
  • The agenda for the 2024 International #MassTimberConference includes 4 dedicated tracks, 40+ presentations and 50+ speakers. Can’t wait to see you all March 26–28, 2024, in Portland.
  • Why am I excited to attend the 2024 International #MassTimberConference? I’ll connect with top #masstimber professionals, get a free PDF of the 2024 International Mass Timber Report, tour mass timber buildings, explore over 160 exhibits, and more.
  • The world can address many of today’s challenges with #masstimber. I’m joining the conversation at the 2024 International #MassTimberConference.

Before the Conference

  • Follow key conference social accounts across platforms — and engage with them by liking or commenting.
  • Use relevant hashtags in your posts to increase discoverability.
  • Feel free to use our suggested posts, above. Include the promotional videos (above) for added impact.
  • Keep your posts high level and easy to understand, with beautiful images and brief, engaging videos to draw in your followers.

During the Conference

  • Engage with peers and colleagues by sharing or commenting on your favorite posts.
  • Tag the conference handle — #MassTimberConference — to improve the ability of your post to be found and shared.
  • Join in on active conversations.
  • Post quotes from your favorite speakers.
  • Share takeaways and insights (and don’t forget to include a photo or video).