Tuesday, March 26, 2024

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

BASICS WORKSHOP | A Comprehensive Introduction to Mass Timber Design

Location TBD


Brandon Brooks
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NOTE: This is an OPTIONAL event and must be purchased separately from any attendee passes. Only available to those who purchase a Full or 1-Day pass to the conference. Purchase a clinic ticket on pg. 3 of the registration form.

Cost: $175


A Comprehensive Introduction to Mass Timber Design

As mass timber transitions from novelty to mainstream, more architects and engineers are finding they need a full systems understanding of the unique design considerations associated with this type of structure. Intended for those new to mass timber design, or those looking to refresh their design knowledge, this pre-conference workshop will take a step-by-step approach to the practical design and engineering aspects of mass timber buildings. Breakout sessions at the 2023 International Mass Timber Conference will examine specific design and construction topics in depth, and this pre-conference seminar will equip attendees with the baseline experience needed both to expand their knowledge in the main track sessions and start their own mass timber designs.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify construction types within the International Building Code where a mass timber structure is permitted.
  2. Discuss the impacts of construction type on required fire-resistance ratings of structural elements, noting how these ratings impact member spans and grids.
  3. Demonstrate structural design steps for members and connections in common mass timber framing systems.
  4. Highlight effective methods of integrating MEP services in a mass timber building and discuss their relative impacts on cost, aesthetics, occupant comfort, and future tenant renovations.

Format: 3.5 hours of education total with two 15 minute breaks (each)