Brittany Porter

Senior Associate
Weber Thompson

Brittany is a Seattle, Washington-based architect and designer of high-performance, sustainable workplace and multifamily housing projects. She is a Senior Associate at Weber Thompson and the senior project architect for Northlake Commons, a mass timber, LEED Platinum targeting, biophilic workplace on the shores of Lake Union in Seattle.

Passionate about low-carbon architecture that promotes health and wellness for all, Brittany is a Certified Passive House Consultant and LEED Green Associate. She was the designer of Pax Futura, Seattle’s first passive house multifamily building, and the 2020 PHIUS Passive House Projects Multifamily Award winner. She served on the Passive House Northwest Board of Directors through 2021.

Brittany serves on the AIA Washington Council Board of Directors, where she advocates for climate action and housing legislation at the state level. She is the former Young Architects Regional Director for the AIA Northwest & Pacific Region and former liaison to the AIA National Committee on the Environment (COTE). At Weber Thompson she is a core member of the SustainbiliTEAM, which leads the firm’s sustainable design initiatives.