Wednesday, March 27, 2024

1:15 PM – 2:45 PM

Moisture Management, Protection, and Coatings (On-Site and Long-Term)

Oregon Ballroom 203 | Overflow: B113-114
Track 2
1.5 AIA LU/HSW (and 0.15 ICC credits)


Arnie Didier
Chief Operating Officer
International Mass Timber Conference
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How To Protect Wood Products on Your Job Sites

All successful projects include a thoughtful temporary protection plan throughout the build to ensure the final product is in alignment with the project’s goals. In the Northwest, this is especially important based on the wide variety of weather conditions and humidity swings throughout the year. While Northwest builders have established trusted temporary protection measures for conventional construction systems, temporary protection strategies for mass timber buildings are continuing to evolve. The desire for exposing the primary structure in mass timber projects adds another layer of importance when developing protection strategies. This presentation outlines best practices for temporary protection used on the Salem Public Works Operations Center, in coordination with Hacker Architects to achieve a final product with minimal damage and visual blemishes incurred during construction. These practices include our approach to manufacturing requirements, installation practices, protection of installed work, general requirements for all trades onsite, acclimatization and humidity control, and job culture to prevent trade damage.

Kory Ray
Sr. Superintendent
Howard S. Wright Construction
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Water Mitigation Options for Mass Timber

The presentation will review water mitigation methods across multiple projects across the United States. Specifically it will look at methods used from projects in the Pacific Northwest as well as Cincinnati, and New Jersey. The presentation will discuss the project delivery methods and considerations for the project teams from ownership, contractor, self perform subcontractors, mass timber suppliers, and design teams. The presentation will also discuss different considerations in terms of high level of protection versus low level of protection.

Dean Lewis
Director of Mass Timber & Prefabrication
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TimberView’s Moisture Management Strategies

TimberView, a 75,000sf mass timber high-rise in Portland, is set to complete CLT erection in January 2024, during some of Portland’s wettest months. Join superintendent Andrew Morris in a presentation on TimberView’s CLT moisture plan addressing strategies taken from timber production to final completion.

Presentation Highlights:

      Sealers at the Production Facility: An exploration of the various options available for sealers, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of how to enhance durability from the beginning.
      Vapor Wraps for Delivery: Delve into the importance of vapor wraps during delivery, emphasizing the need for protection without inadvertently causing moisture entrapment.
      On-Site Unloading and Storage: Learn about the meticulous measures taken during unloading and storage on-site.
      Water Protection Methods During Construction: Explore the nuanced decisions between seam taping and full waterproofing, and best practices for all trades to protect the wood.
      Mitigating Stains and Water Damage: Gain insights into the available options for dealing with staining or water damage when it does occur, equipping your team with the knowledge needed to respond effectively and efficiently.

The presentation will offer a reflective examination of the project, sharing highlights and lessons learned from Timberview as it relates to moisture, protection, and coatings.

Andrew Morris
Truebeck Construction
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Moisture Mysteries Unlocked

Build Anatomy is helping builders and developers mitigate moisture risk in a construction environment where construction costs are high and best practices are not always people’s top priority. Hear how Tim Haycock, managing director of Build Anatomy, a New Zealand based solution specialist has sourced a moisture monitoring system and a range of sealants that can be used to mitigate the adverse effects of moisture in mass timber construction. These solutions allow stakeholders to detect, address and prevent potential moisture issues during construction and beyond.

Tim Haycock
Managing Director
Build Anatomy
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