Thursday, March 28, 2024

10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Global Perspectives: International Mainstream Adoption & Models for Project Success

Oregon Ballroom 204 | Overflow: A105–106
Track 1
1.5 AIA LU/HSW (and 0.15 ICC credits)


Adam Jones
Founder and CEO
CLT Toolbox
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Bending the Arrow of Housing Affordability: How Integrated Mass Timber Building Systems with AI Change the Cost

By taking a product and platform-based approach to delivering new construction, pairing that with mass timber building materials, there is now a way to simultaneously address housing affordability and climate change. Using robotically-assisted manufacturing, it is possible to complete new builds 30% quicker, lowering operating costs by 50%, and reducing the cost per home as well.

Oliver Lang
CEO & Co-founder
Intelligent City
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The Dutch Miracle: A Wood Building Revolution

In The Netherlands new buildings are commonly built from brick and concrete. Timber frame construction used to be limited to roofs and facades only. But within a decade this changed radically. Wood is now the focus of interest as a building material. Dutch architects and developers are creating the most fascinating wooden buildings, in search of a new idiome, such as the:

  • 5-story all wooden Triodos Bank building,
  • HAUT Amsterdam, one of the tallest hybrid buildings in the world (76 meters),
  • industrial looking 8-story Liander building, and the
  • bioinclusive, renter-owned De Warren.

In the same period several factories for wooden houses were founded that are building on an industrial scale. Their output runs in the hundreds yearly already and they are planning for thousands a year.

What happened in the low countries? What methods are used? What challenges are there to be met? What can we learn from this all?

Jan Maurits Schouten
Editor in Chief
Het Houtblad Magazine, Houtwereld Magazine,
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Timber Goes Mainstream: Navigating Real-World Shifts

Embark on an educational journey as Henning Larsen Architects share real-life experiences from various timber projects worldwide. Delve into the practical aspects of timber adoption, spotlighting visionary educational initiatives, extraordinary exhibition spaces and innovative office solutions. Explore the seamless adaptation and integration strategies that propel timber into the mainstream. Gain valuable insights into project processes, contractor selection, and other learnings, offering a holistic perspective on the journey of timber adaptation in the mainstream.

Fabia Baumann
Timber Engineer
Henning Larsen Architects
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A New Way of Design: Pioneering Timber Structures in North America

The panel will explore the use of timber in new applications, showcased through collaborations between structural engineers and architects working closely to create form and function. The focus will be on unique ways to apply timber to architecture — gridshells, freeform, and complex mass timber. Attendees will gain insights into the structural, sustainable, and aesthetic applications of mass timber and advanced timber structures, including unique roof designs. The presentation aims to highlight the challenges and solutions encountered in these design studies, offering valuable lessons for the future of architectural design with timber. Advanced design software will be reviewed, showing how parametric design and AI-influenced BIM can speed up design and construction schedules. By simplifying things like connections and fabrication constraints, even the most complex timber structures can meet budget and schedule.

Lucas Epp
Vice President & Head of Engineering
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Product to Planet

From hand-held product to a city-building scale, Leon demonstrates how wood can be an integral aspect of a concept design, and carry through into execution. Google projects in California and London deploy mass timber as structural complement to steel and concrete systems, and as a carbon-sequestering complement to green and PV roofs. Zooming out to a global perspective, we explore how mass timber fits in to a sustainable master plan for our planet, and investigate the potential of robotic manufacturing on mass timber construction.

Leon Rost
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