1:15 PM – 4:00 PM

ADVANCED WORKSHOP | Advancements in Timber: Cutting-Edge Mass Timber Research and Design

Oregon Ballroom 203

NOTE: This is an OPTIONAL event and must be purchased separately from any attendee passes. Only available to those who purchase a Full or 1-Day pass to the conference. Purchase a clinic ticket on pg. 3 of the registration form.

Cost: $175

This fast-moving workshop is tailored for design professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of mass timber. Speakers will dive deep into the cutting-edge realms of research, testing, and design, exploring the latest innovations advancing the mass timber industry. Led by research professionals, practitioners, industry experts, and thought leaders, participants will gain insights into topics such as advanced timber techniques, structural optimization, and fire design. From understanding the nuances of hybrid timber systems to leveraging the potential of emerging materials, attendees will be equipped with knowledge and inspiration to tackle ambitious projects and redefine the possibilities of modern timber construction.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the latest advancements in mass timber research and testing methodologies, noting practical applications under code-compliant buildings.
  2. Gain insights into digital tools and computational design strategies specific to mass timber, empowering attendees to optimize structural performance and create innovative, efficient timber structures.
  3. Highlight advanced research and understanding of the fire performance of mass timber elements in mid-rise and high-rise structures.
  4. Review cutting-edge hybrid timber systems, enabling participants to confidently address complex design challenges and incorporate diverse timber solutions into their projects.

Format: 2.5 hours of education total with one 15 minute break.